Rittman National Cemetery | Ohio Western Reserve Cemetery

Rittman National Cemetery | Ohio Western Reserve Cemetery

rittman national cemetery

Rittman National Cemetery | Ohio Western Reserve Cemetery

Western Reserve National Cemetery Location

10175 Rawiga Rd
Rittman, OH 44270

First, Ohio Western Reserve Cemetery, located in beautiful Rittman, Ohio just 15 minutes West of Akron, Ohio and 45 minutes South of Cleveland, Ohio.

Second, most visitors will find it very conveniently located near Interstate 76, Interstate 71 and near Route 224. Also, Western Reserve National Cemetery has more than 22,000 veterans and spouses burials. Equally, the scenery is heavenly in every sense of the word with vast stretches of cornfields, fluffy clouds, and tree lines surrounding the entire site.

Moreover, in my humble opinion the Ohio Western Reserve Cemetery is a close second to Arlington National Cemetery in nostalgia. Its just as picturesque in the fall when all the Midwest leaves are changing colors, the grass is green and bright as ever. All that aside there is a special place in my heart for the Western Reserve in Rittman, OH.

I personally have both sets of grandparents buried here, as well as a few friends that served in the military. My wife and I both also plan to buried at Western Reserve.

History of Ohio Western Reserve Cemetery

In the 1980’s the Department of Veterans Affairs identified the Cleveland area as one of the areas of the country most in need of burial space for veterans. In 1993, a 274-acre site was acquired on Rawiga Road in Rittman, Ohio.

Furthermore, did you know the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery, named after the Connecticut Western Reserve.

How to Make Arrangements

Finally, the arrangements are able to be made upon death when the next of kin of the deceased. Additionally, the funeral home will provide the details upon receipt of the veteran’s discharge document (DD 214).

Also, the funeral director contacts the Western Reserve National Cemetery office to make arrangements for interment.

Additionally, the complete name of the veteran, along with military rank, service and social security numbers and any VA Claim numbers; dates of service; date and place of birth. Also, the military service of each veteran must be verified prior, failure to provide the required information may result in a delay of burial.

Furthermore, the safest form of identification of all soldiers is the DD214 Service Record. Also, for more information regarding operating hours and directions visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website here.