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My name is Joshua Sweatt and I have been researching the Sweatt Genealogy family history and other related families for several years. The majority of the Sweatt family lived in Marlboro (Marlborough) County, South Carolina in the 1700 & early 1800’s. I am a descendant of Cornelius Sweatt/Sweat (abt. 1857 – 1933) and Mary Louise Middleton (abt. 1859 – 1928) from the Bennettsville, South Carolina area presumed to be buried at Shiloh Methodist Church in Bennettsville, SC. Cornelius and Mary had nine children Mary Ann, John H., Daniel Robert, Rufus, Agnes Mae, Marvin, Kirby, Elizabeth and Arthur Raymond. I am a direct descendant from the previously mentioned Marvin whom traveled North to Ohio with his brother Kirby to the Cleveland, Ohio area. Though from the Ohio area strong family roots remain in North and South Carolina.

On the flip side I have been researching the Yannayon family history as a descendant of Dorothy Yannayon Sweatt.  I am a descendant of Mandas John Yannayon and Melza Flickinger from Media, Ohio a descendant of Fredrick Carl Yannayon originally from Wurtenburg, Germany. The (Melza) Flickinger family is in relations to that of the Flickinger Family History book.

Additional Photos and/or tree information have been added for the surnames of Ballis, Cain, Dowling, Flickinger, Hilditch, Mulgrew, Smoyer, Yannayon.

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  1. I am from another branch of the Sweatt family tree, with my ancestors going back to Vermont and New Hampshire. I’m not sure how we may be connected, but I thought it may be worthwhile to research this possibility. My lineage is: Nathan Sweatt, b. 1711, John Sweatt, b. 1752, William S. Sweatt, b. 1793; Charles Sweatt b. 1832, William R. Sweatt, b. 1867, Charles B. Sweatt, b. 1894, Charles B. Sweatt Jr. born 1928.

  2. My mother is Beth Sweatt daughter of Paul Sweatt and Lois stump. I have lots of family buried at Shiloh including my grandpa mentioned above. I have been eager to learn about the history of my family since I was younger. I would love to communicate with you on this. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Hi I am Beth sweatt’s daughter daughter of Paul Sweatt and Lois stump Sweatt. Quite a bit of my family is buried at Shiloh church including the above mention Paul Sweatt who just passed in December I have been eager to learn about our family history since I was younger. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  4. Hi I am the granddaughter of Rufus Sweatt who died in 1969. He has 4 sons Clarence, Richard, Alex and Hamer Sweatt. I am the daughter of Alex Sweatt. I would like to be able to register for your site but it says it is currently down.

  5. Great site!

    I live in Bowling Green Ky, know any Sweatt’s that moved to this area that can be connected back to South Carolina Sweatt’s?

  6. my father was Steve Sweat Jr.
    Son of S.G. Sweat his father was
    Lawrence D. Sweatt and his father
    Was Henry W. Sweatt and his father was
    William K. Sweatt from Benitsville SC.

    I’m trying to find the connection between
    My Mothers Sweat side and fathers.
    Yes they were A Sweat that married a Sweat.

    Moms father was Floyd Sweat married
    Menary Yarborough
    His father was Mitchell Sweat and his
    Father was Robert Sweat and they were
    From Marion, SC

    I’m missing it somewhere? Need help

    • Hi Dennis! I have responded to your email directly regarding your family “Descendants of Lawrence D. Sweatt” presumed brother of Cornelius Sweatt, sons of Henry W. Sweat buried at Shiloh Methodist Church in Bennettsville, SC.

      Thanks for visiting http://www.sweattgenealogy.com

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