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Sweatt Surname

First, Sweatt surname whose history is entwined with the ancient Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. Also, it was a name for a person was referred to as swete, which is an Old English word used to describe a “sweet” or “gentle” person. A broad and miscellaneous class of surnames, nicknames referred to a characteristic of the first person who used the name.

Secondly, the surname  was first found in Somerset where they held a family seat from a very ancient times, some say before the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 A.D.

However, the last few years, the English language had no fast system of spelling rules. Additionally, for that reason, spelling variations are commonly found in early Anglo-Saxon surnames. Over the years, many variations of the name Sweatt were recorded, including Sweit, Sweet, Swete, Sweete, Sweett and many others.

Notables with the name Sweatt

  • Robert Sweatt (born 1952), an American professional baseball
  • William Sweatt, American son of Charles Sweatt, Vermont banker and hardware merchant
  • Walter Lee Sweatt, American former professional ice hockey player.
  • Bill Sweatt (b 1988), American ice hockey left wing.


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