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NARA – The National Archives Catalog gets a makeover

National Archives Catalog

National Archives Catalog gets a Power Boost

What is one of my favorite things to do on a rainy Saturday? Search away in the online catalog of the National Archives. Well with a new makeover the searching will be faster at its new home at The National Archives Catalog.

The National Archives rolled out the update of the National Archives Catalog today. The website looks similar in nature but the search speed is very non-government like also known as fast.

Report from a recent Blog post from NARAations Denise.​​

First, the catalog is powered by a completely new search engine with improved relevancy rankings and faster response times.

The system has been scaled up to initially handle 100 terabytes of data with a future capacity of up to 10,000 terabytes – so we’re more than ready to handle the millions of digital images that have been created through our external partnerships.

We’re also pretty excited that the catalog is the second system at the National Archives to be launched completely in the cloud and is fully integrated with the backend system that NARA staff uses to enter descriptions and upload digital content.

What does that mean for our end users? Minimal down-time for system maintenance and weekly updates of new content to search and discover.

NARA Online Public Accesss - Genealogy TrackerThe redesigned National Archives Catalog includes an API for future platform connectivity to other entities.

Though Denise mentions the catalog is still a work in progress its a step in the right direction.

It’s great news to researchers when government services upgrade systems.



Find The National Archives Catalog here.