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Welcome to Sweatt Genealogy

Welcome to Sweatt Genealogy

First, my name is Joshua Sweatt and I have been researching the Sweatt Genealogy family history and other related families for several years. The majority of the Sweatt family lived in Marlboro (Marlborough) County, South Carolina in the 1700 & early 1800’s.

Second, or maybe as important I am a descendant of Cornelius Sweatt/Sweat (abt. 1857 – 1933) and Mary Louise Middleton (abt. 1859 – 1928) from the Bennettsville, South Carolina area presumed to be buried at Shiloh Methodist Church in Bennettsville, SC. Cornelius and Mary had nine children Mary Ann, John H., Daniel Robert, Rufus, Agnes Mae, Marvin, Kirby, Elizabeth and Arthur Raymond.

Also, I am a direct descendant from the previously mentioned Marvin whom traveled North to Ohio with his brother Kirby to the Cleveland, Ohio area. Moreover, though from the Ohio area strong family roots remain in North and South Carolina. Find more on the Sweatt surname.

Finally, on the flip side I have been researching the Yannayon family history as a descendant of Dorothy Yannayon Sweatt. I am a descendant of Mandas John Yannayon and Melza Flickinger from Media, Ohio a descendant of Fredrick Carl Yannayon originally from Wurtenburg, Germany. The (Melza) Flickinger family is in relations to that of the Flickinger Family History book.

Unknown Sweatt Family Link | Need your help

Sweatt Family Tree (Sandy Hull), Sweatt family located in Vermont and New Hampshire. Sandy Hull’s lineage is: Nathan Sweatt, b. 1711, John Sweatt, b. 1752, William S. Sweatt, b. 1793; Charles Sweatt b. 1832, William R. Sweatt, b. 1867, Charles B. Sweatt, b. 1894, Charles B. Sweatt Jr. born 1928. If you have any connection please post a message here

Other Family Surnames

Additionally, photos and/or tree information have been added for the surnames of Ballis, Cain, Dowling, Flickinger, Hilditch, Mulgrew, Smoyer, Yannayon. Do you have a question regarding a family member we have in common? Post a comment BELOW


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  1. Kirby Sweatt (b. S.C., died 1952 Ohio) family interest me very much and would like to hear from this immediate family or descendants of some of seven children. Know two sisters who are cousins to this line by way of his wife who live in South Carolina.

  2. My maiden name is Rogers. There is supposedly a Sarah Sweat in our ancestry. I was wondering if you can shed light on Tennessee relations between the Rogers’ and the Sweat family? William Thomas Rogers was my grandfather. I don’t know his Dad’s name. Any help would be grateful.

    • Hello Patricia,
      Suzan Rogers is related to the Sweatt family from New Hampshire and we are looking for a William Rogers who is related to the Sweatt family. Elmira Sweatt married Ferren in the 1800’s. They were mostly in the Errol area of New Hampshire. Does any of this read familiar to you?

      Marie Louise for Suzan Rogers

  3. My name is Zion Smith. My maternal grandmother’s side was a Sweatt and there’s a strong population of Sweatts in Kentucky, especially in Louisville. I don’t know if we are related through marriage or by slavery in some type of way, but it’s convenient that since of your Sweatt family in Ohio is not to far from mine in Kentucky. Hope we can get in touch.

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